Before I say anything about Brand Pastonji ice cream I must confess that despite of running this mega venture, from the core of my heart I am a down to earth simple person, who runs this project keeping an eye even on the grass root activities of the manufacturing process.

Since my childhood I lived a normal life in the rural area of Ranuj, my birth place, situated in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, which is one of the happening centers of Dairy productions in India. Accordingly our entire family occupation had been related to agriculture and dairy productions. Being raised in the country side which was far away from Metros, I developed a simple honest personality like other fellow persons of my surrounding area, but even then right from my early years I could never accept anything at the face value only. Being very inquisitive in my nature, I have always been looking for different perspectives regarding any matter and always tried to go beyond the limits of physical vision because I never accepted any sort of compromise be it performance or quality of anything, be it day to day activities or manufacturing the tempting Brand Pastonji Ice cream.

I could never consider any kind of blockage as a dead end. Blockages are the barriers where quality and perseverance ends. Breaking any kind of wall only leads to newer and brighter horizons of life which elevates the quality and productivity of any effort. Being associated with dairy productions since my childhood somewhere I had been aspiring to own my ice cream brand one day. Pure milk is one of the basic ingredients of ice cream and I knew everything related to milk and its associated products which gave me an upper hand to plan about my dream project of an ice cream company.

In the due course of time, in the year of 1989, I started my own ice cream production unit from a very small place. Initially, though it belonged to cottage industry, I took all the measures to maintain the very basics of hygienic norms of ice cream production as per international levels. This lead me to the position where I could be accepted by the in-house Corporate food canteens as well as the highly placed up Institutions.

I always believed that quality of hygienic production is a result of merely twenty five percent of finance but seventy five percent of positive intentions. Maintaining my highly valued goodwill, I successfully continued for the following years in this trade. My brand had been getting unexpected kind of response from the market but that could not satisfy me, as I wanted to elevate this “Brand” to a corporate level.

During that time I somehow attended an International Ice cream Exhibition held in Illinois, America in 1990 where I got amazed by discovering the magnanimity of the related machinery structures and equipments which needed large amount of finance and skilled man power to handle them. This somewhere our country was lacking at that time. That did not dishearten me anywhere. I knew it very well “Where there is a will, there has to be a way”. That philosophy paved my way to the stage where we are today, as a whole. I started consulting with the persons related technically to this trade. Towards this process I visited an American ice cream giant company and there I developed very cordial relations with workers as well as the owner of that company. In fact he became very fond of me and my temperaments. When I disclosed my dreams of opening a new brand in India, he not only encouraged me towards reaching my goal but also shared a lot of invaluable self experiences with me to guide me in a proper way. After going through the extensive R & D process for a required period of time, eventually I developed the required machineries and equipments without the erstwhile mega sized structures, in the same time retaining their same level of performance. It was a technical revolution which facilitated me to elevate Brand Pastonji in different metros with corporate image.

One thing I always believed from the very inception that a right and honest combination of workforce can only help to reach any higher goal, which I must say that I blessed with. The kind of unfettered support I received right from the beginning through Mr. Subhash Vaidya, Ms.Dipti Shah, Mr. A.V. Hafizi, Mr. A. A. Hafizi, Mr. S. A. Hafizi, that I could never compensate through any volume of praise. It was their relentless efforts as well as the love and affections of my entire work force which could materialise the dreams I saw years ago.

Today in the Brand Pastonji manufacturing unit of Mumbai, Nashik and Mehsana district a number of skilled as well as semi skilled hands and minds are coordinating with an international level quality and hygiene to produce innumerable numbers of delectable and tempting ice cream varieties round the clock.

My owe my family for their strong support throughout the years in all thick and thins. Our next generation is equally enterprising and working on new projects.

Water the basic component of this earth, we felt should be in its purest form as it comes out of the womb of mother earth. Being related to dairy industry we can feel the essence of purity which we coordinated with hygiene by producing crystal clear packaged drinking water under Brand Pastonji's flagship image.

Apart from it we are at the final stage of R&D process towards the production of delicious curd made out of completely unadulterated form of milk. Not only this, very soon our company will introduce one of the most delectable taste of butter to let you re- invent the taste of its magic.

In all my relentless efforts through all these years I just want to repay my country with global pride of production centre for quality dairy and its related products as per international standards.

I am thankful to all the people who helped me in my journey towards the success and Ofcourse, The Almighty, whom we all can never forget.

That is why we aptly say that our’s is an
“Ice Cream with A Warm Heart”